Industrial Vibration Analysis Training & Certification

Failure Prevention Associates offers vibration training and certification for Levels 1 and 2. FPA’s vibration certification is for industrial vibration analysis.

Failure Prevention Associates is pleased to announce that its vibration training and certification complies with the ISO 18436-2 standards.

Students receive certificates for grades of 70% or greater. Major credit cards, Checks, or PO’s from clients accepted for tuition fees.

To become a Level I Vibration Analyst, one needs to take the class, pass the exam, and have at least 6 month experience as a vibration analyst. If you have not fulfilled the 6 month experience, but take the class and pass the exam, you will be given a provisional certificate. You will have one year to complete gaining 6 months of experience. Once you finish your 6 months, please submit evidence of your 6 months experience, and then you will receive your Level I Certificate.

For Level II Vibration Analyst, one must have at least 18 months cumulative experience. In order to take the Level II Training Class, you must have at least 6 months experience as a vibration analyst and have passed a Level I Exam. If you do not yet have all of the 18 months of experience, but take the class and pass the exam, you will receive a provisional certificate. Once you have finished 18 months of experience, submit your evidence and you will receive your Level II Certificate.

ISO standards require periodic recertification with either re-examination or by renewal every 5 years. The renewal process involves submitting evidence of continued work and study in vibration analysis. The renewal fee is $250.

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By viewing the graphs below, you too can find problems in rotating equipment months to years before failure. While it may look complicated, we make it easy to understand.

FPA’s vibration analysis training helps you identify problems like this bearing fault months before failure.

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Industrial Vibration Analysis Training & Certification



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