Inventory Optimization Tactics That Save Cash & Drive Availability UP

Failure Prevention Associates presents an on-line workshop on the actual step-by-step process for warehouse inventory optimization that can be immediately applied to your maintenance and reliability program.

Optimizing the inventory that you store at your facility is a challenge that all maintenance and reliability leaders face. This 2-hour workshop provides a unique, fun and easily adopted method that gives maintenance teams the tools to make the right decisions about what to stock and what to remove from inventory for maximum results. This is NOT a process that demands that you live with a scarcity of spare part and material inventory. On the contrary, a properly configured, lean inventory can provide huge efficiency gains, less downtime and BETTER access to critical spares than EVER BEFORE. We have the answer, and you can do this!

If you are looking for a system to optimize your inventory with imperfect usage history, poor record keeping, competing priorities and weak asset criticality information, this is the workshop you have been waiting to attend. This workshop will help maintenance, reliability, and operations leaders to focus precisely on the right inventory decisions and reduce distraction and wasted time.

You will learn how a simple, accurate, step-by-step inventory optimization approach can give you a crystal clear view of what to do with the items you have on the shelf, and those that are missing. The inventory in your warehouse will be aligned with your TRUE needs, and you will catch dangerous hidden gaps in your critical spares. You can stock LESS and have MORE.

In this workshop you will get the complete system, including all the tools you need to make inventory optimization a stress-free and simple process that works every time. Creating an environment where your team feels good about the process and they will trust you to lead them through it. In the end, you will have a usable, well-controlled warehouse inventory that you never thought was possible, using simple common sense and your shared knowledge to do it.

There are many competing priorities in a busy maintenance department. Rarely, an opportunity comes along to reduce stress, offload wasteful inventory, and provide a new sense of control and success. This workshop is one of those rare occasions. In 2 hours, you will gain a new perspective on how you can quickly make a step change in performance using the tools and expertise you already have on hand to get great RESULTS.


Course Overview:

  • Introduction

  • Expectations of the Workshop

  • The Core Problem: What Inventory Should I Stock?

  • Why Do We Carry Inventory?

  • Developing a Strategy/Process for Optimizing Inventory, Even with Imperfect Data

  • Generating Support for Optimizing Inventory

  • Assembling a Team to Execute Inventory Optimization

  • Making Tightly Controlled Inventory Management a Habit That People Fight to Keep

  • Measurement of Success, Sharing the Outcomes

  • The BIG Payback!

  • What to Expect and How to Deal with Setbacks

  • Questions & Answers

  • Conclusion

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