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Tracking Performance

DCS/PLC Data Logging For Work Order Generation

How it works

As an Organization you utilize a variety of systems (DCS, PLC, CMMC, etc.). Each system plays a role to support and fulfill critical needs within the Organization.

However, not one system fulfills all the requirements and data is compartmentalized within itself.

Instead of implementing new systems that may or may not support all aspects of operations, what if we further developed and connected our current systems to provide a unified platform for reporting, KPI’s, operations support, monitoring and continual improvement?

So what is SystemEyes™?

A bridge to connect your various systems (DCS, PLC, CMMC, CMMS, ERP/EAM) so your Organization can cross the river of inefficiency. Over to a land of improved management and productivity.

Failure Prevention Associates

SystemEyes™ Performance Tracking

What does SystemEyes™ Performance Tracking Provide?

  • Live KPI monitoring
  • Data Reliability
  • On Demand Reporting
  • Increased Visibility of Operational Performance
  • Alerts & Suggested Remedies for Equipment Problems
  • Increased Productivity
  • Decreased Downtime
  • Integrated Calculations Using Multiple Sources of Data
  • Trigger Work Orders Based on Time Or Condition

Current State of Operations

  • Reporting is labor intensive. Report often pull data from SharePoint, CMMS (Maximo, SAP-PM, etc.) multiple Excel files, paper logs, manual meter readings and calculations.
    • Manual readings and calculations always pose the possibility of inaccuracy.
  • Difficulty to feed information, you first need to obtain the information.
    • A wide variety of Excel sheets and paper logs are already in place to calculate the values.
  • If a current system does not support the needs of a plant, a solution often is created outside of current systems, or a gap is left in managing the business.
  • Reliability or Maintenance investigations for root causes for quality or production issues requires individuals to manually collect and collate all the current records, if even kept. This task is challenging, especially if staff are not familiar with operations and all the possible data sources.
    • This often leads to
      • No definitive root cause(s) or a false root cause(s) identified, which results in further failure
      • Inaccuracy of data being analyzed

Future State

  • Reporting pulls information directly from the source, no retyping or manual collection and be automated/delivered in a consistent manner
  • Daily, monthly, quarterly KPI’s readily available with live accurate data.
  • Consistency across all sites
  • Outside data capturing system (Excel sheets, paper logs) will no longer be needed. Operators will not need to record the same information multiple times.
  • Comprehensive system that supports all aspects and requirements of ISO 9001:20XX certification.
    • Continual Improvement
    • Management Review
    • Corrective Action
    • Internal Auditing
    • Employee Competency and Training

Our Brochure That Explains More About SystemEyes™ Performance Tracking


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