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Streamline your weekly work practices with the structure of the SystemFlow™.

A maintenance department with good flow relies on specific key factors.

SystemFlow™ helps you identify the blocks in your work pipeline and gives you the tools to eliminate them.

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“We were so frustrated, having tried other programs that just didn’t get us any return for our training dollars at all. The hands-on component of SystemCare was what initially intrigued us. Our techs finally had access to experts that could guide them through the right steps on our very own equipment. Once they got the basics, those shortcuts they used to take that were costing us so much went away because they actually knew what to do now. Truly amazing!”
…Training Coordinator, Manufacturing Plant, US

“Our growing and busy company struggled for years to find technicians with the skills to be effective. The pool of new talent in the hands-on crafts has dried up and we were resigned to training the new people ourselves. The results were less than we had hoped. Then, we found Failure Prevention Associates! Their SystemCare program hit the bullseye. They provided direct interaction with the maintenance team, working with them and observing/training right in the plant on exactly the right tasks. This was the key! Technicians learn best by doing the work, and FPA made that happen beautifully. Our productivity and wrench time went up quickly, and rework went way down. I highly recommend this program to anyone. The dollars spent will return many times over, and right away.”
…Director of Maintenance, Oil & Gas Industry, US


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