CTC Vibration Sensors and Accessories

The complete source for your sensors and accessories with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

CTC Vibration Connection AccessoriesAll vibration monitoring systems need sensors, cables and mounting pads. Junction boxes help speed data collection with single point access to multiple sensor locations.

CTC is a complete source for all your vibration sensors, proximity probes, 4-20mA sensors, sensor cables, junction boxes, protection and relay systems.

CTC is all about quality manufacturing and offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all of its products. We really are saying “if CTC hardware fails, FOR ANY REASON, we will replace it…for free.”

Failure Prevention Associates is is ready to help you choose the best center solution for your application. We have hundreds of product configurations and combinations to fit your needs.

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CTC’s Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

CTC is all about quality manufacturing and offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all of its products. We really are saying “if CTC hardware fails, FOR ANY REASON, we will replace it…for free.”

What is a vibration sensor made out of?

The most common sensor CTC manufactures is an ICP- type of sensor.

I.C.P. stands for “integrated circuit, piezoelectric”. It means that a crystal, usually quartz, produces an electric charge when subjected to vibration. An integrated computer circuit board amplifies this electric charge so is can be conducted up the cable to your analysis unit.

See the diagram.

CTC's Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee


Coiled of straigh collection cables in standard or custom lengths are available.


Mounting Hardware


Stud Flat Magnets

Stud Flat Magnets

2-rail Magnets


2-rail Magnets


Flat magnets


Specialty connections, Grease Zirks, Captive bolts


Quarter-turn stud quick disconnects


High ferrous content magnet target pad

Fin mount probe pad

Sensor Cable Junction Boxes

Sensor Cable Junction boxes allow you to route your sensor cables to one location for easy data collection and improved safety.

Cable Junction boxes accept up to 12 channels.


Protection & Reliability Optimization EquipmentsContinuous monitoring and machine protection equipment

A CTC company, Protection & Reliability Optimization Equipments, can make sure that you don’t miss a second on monitoring your critical equipment.

Failure Prevention Associates offers 4-20mA monitoring systems, PLC/SCADA Relay System integration for continuous monitoring of critical equipment.

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