We offer an entire range of industry leading tools.

We can help you choose the tools for your own Reliability Centered Maintenance programs. Failure Prevention Associates offers solutions in the following areas:

Vibration Analyzers and Field Balancers offer advanced and industry leading powerful, but intuitive functionality for keeping your machines up and running. Portable vibration analyzers are the back bone of any serious condition monitoring program. If you have rotating equipment where unplanned downtime is costly or under regulatory laws. Then a walk-around condition monitoring program should include portable vibration analysis. Even an online system, will have faults that require someone to stand next to the machine and perform additional diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of the problem. Phase analysis, impact natural frequency test, coast down and run up testing, time synchronous averaging and more. All of those tests need a portable analyzer.

Vibration Analyzers & Balancers
Wireless Condition Monitoring

Permanent Online Condition Monitoring Systems

Permanently installed measurement systems monitor production critical machines around the clock. Ideal for machine trains with high downtime costs, high failure probabilities, rapid damage progression, environmental or safety risks.

SDT Ultrasound Detectors

No matter how loud your plant is, SDT just hears trouble spots. Originally made to detect compressed air and gas leaks. SDT also monitors bearing health & aids n lubrication as well as detecting electrical faults, helping you avoid Arc Flash and much more.

CTC Vibration Connection Accessories

All vibration monitoring systems need sensors, cables and mounting pads. CTC offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all of its products. Junction boxes help speed data collection with single point access to multiple sensor locations.

FLIR Thermal Imaging/Infrared Cameras

The fastest method to assess if critical systems are soon going to fail. Excess heat is a common sign of impeding failure. Electrical fires are the most common cause of major fires. IR cameras can reduce your company insurance costs with an annual electrical system survey.

Mobile Enterprise Solutions

Unvired Mobile Platform (UMP) mobilizes business processes and data from various enterprise backend systems to all leading mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). Mobilize Business Dashboards, Sales, Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Retail, Production, Customer Relationship Management, Finance, HR and other processes using UMP.

Create beautiful mobile applications on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Tablet and Phone. Connect to SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Sharepoint, and many more on-premise and hosted enterprise systems.

Luneta - Oil Condition Monitoring Pods

This multipurpose oil condition monitoring pod is a sight glass, corrosion monitor, ferrous magnet and sampling port. Packaged in a simple format to replace a sight glass.

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