This in-house training will be delivered by JLL Reliabilty Engineering.

The certification is issued by the Board of Certification.


Industrial Vibration Analysis Training & Certification

Failure Prevention Associates offers vibration training and certification for Levels 1 and 2. FPA’s vibration certification is for industrial vibration analysis.The vibration training and certification complies with the ISO 18436-2 standards.

Ultrasound Detection Training

Failure Prevention Associates offers training for Level 1 certification in ultrasound detection. Level 2 certification courses have also been done and are currently in the planning stages.

Additionally, Failure Prevention Associates does Ultrasound Program Implementation if your company:

  • already owns ultrasound equipment… but doesn’t use it
  • uses ultrasound equipment… but feel you aren’t utilizing its full potential
  • wants to build an effective program… but don’t know where to begin
  • has a good program…but needs to train new employees
  • wants to expand its leak detection program to other applications
  • wants to set up ultrasound tracking points and routes

Thermal Imaging Training

Failure Prevention Associates will train your personnel on how to use thermal imaging to determine a wide range of potential failure conditions and improve the health of your machines, especially your electrical systems.

Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT I)

This class gives students a foundation in lubrication best practices and product knowledge. Learn proven industry methods for selecting, storing, filtering and applying lubricants to boost reliability and decrease maintenance costs. Students will also gain a better understanding of oil analysis and how it can help make better lubrication decisions.

Learn the impact that best-in-class lubrication practices have on machine health and reliability. Learn why machine lubrication activities should be moved from modest and reactive to thorough, accurate and proactive.

  • Lubrication fundamentals
  • Lubrication of key equipment components
  • Contamination control & storage and handling
  • Oil analysis for enhanced equipment reliability
  • Lubricant programs & application of lubricants


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