The saying goes, “You can’t change what you can’t measure”, and it’s true. So, if your maintenance program is limping along, and you are not doing much measurement, you might as well leave things alone. If you start to measure anything, it will either point the finger at a problem to be fixed, or identify you or another maintenance program wrecker as the culprit. This is not helpful to your cause.

A good analogy for running a maintenance organization without measurement is driving a car down the highway with the windshield painted black. You can’t see where you are going, you can’t tell if you are going the right way, and you can’t see any obstacles that might be in your path. The interesting thing is that no one would ever drive a car this way, but people are willing to blindly operate a maintenance program with no measures for decades. Get out your paintbrush, avoid those measurements, and put your maintenance program in the ditch today!

Tune in next week as we continue to expose the secret lives of seriously disturbed maintenance “professionals” with…

The Dirty Dozen Tip #10: If You Make a Mistake, Blame Others & Emphasize by Pointing and Laughing

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