It’s thrilling to know that there are so many ways to manipulate and mold the lives of others when you know the tricks for wrecking a maintenance organization, or any organization for that matter.

One popular method for driving morale down and creating an environment of distrust is to establish an unwritten rule that people who want to succeed will work at least 60 hours per week. You can establish some fictional starting and ending times for the workday (say 8am – 4pm), and these are an essential part of your system. Anyone who manages to organize and plan well enough to go home “on time” can be easily identified and reassigned to night shift, weekend duty, or given more work to do until they break.

The company does not need people to work unnecessarily long hours in most cases. In fact, we know that it doesn’t increase output, and results in more mistakes and stress. The system you are building should be designed to create an environment of competition, so everyone feels that they must outlast each other in order to survive. People will create tasks for themselves to look busy, and remain at work for hours after their real work is done. It is in your best interest as a wrecker to ensure that each person regularly misses important family events, and feels compelled to work when they are ill just to please you.

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The Dirty Dozen Tip #8: Never Say “Thank You”

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