Training is something that can disrupt the wrecking of a maintenance program if you are not careful to avoid it. In the high technology world we live in today, people need constant access to new methods and techniques, or they quickly fall behind. In just a few months, one can completely hobble a maintenance organization by simply turning off the funding for training.

Try your best to strangle your training budget down to the bare minimum. Provide no value, and include ample amounts of vendor training aimed at selling equipment. Best practice companies usually budget 80+ hours of quality training per year, per employee.  When your budget accidentally contains money for training, squash this by fabricating urgent tasks that will not allow anyone to go to the training. Or, schedule the training, pay the trainer, and then cancel the class to waste more money.

If you are lucky enough to have no training budget, keep your mouth shut about it. The last thing you want is your maintenance team spending their time in Florida or Las Vegas attending training or a good trade show. When they come back, they will be full of all kinds of wild ideas about how to fix problems and save money. It will take you months to shut them up and make them disgruntled again.

Tune in next week as we continue to expose the secret lives of seriously disturbed maintenance “professionals” with…

The Dirty Dozen Tip #7: Make Sure Everyone Works 60+ Hours a Week

Thank you for joining us for a little fun with reactive maintenance mayhem. All kidding aside, we are proud to share our proven SystemRxMTM program with you. Using our proprietary SmartSequencingTM algorithm, your high performance maintenance program will come together in record time.

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