It is a proven fact that good planning reduces costs, improves quality and increases productivity by as much as 90%. We do not want any planning to interfere with our wrecking project. In order to interrupt the planning process, we can do a number of things that can be combined for maximum results:

  • Do not assign anyone to the role of planning. Everyone will be so focused on fighting emergency breakdowns that virtually nothing will be planned. If you must have planners due to somebody meddling in your affairs, select inexperienced people to do the job, and personnel who have not earned the respect of their peers. Proactive organizations select planners who are the finest craftspeople, and are highly respected by their peers. You can’t have that.
  • Make certain that anyone who is trying to plan is saddled up with as many distractions as possible. Make them chase parts for emergency work, have them supervise work, or even assign them to perform the repairs if you can! Planners are supposed to have their mind focused on the future, so distracting them with activities occurring in the present is a fantastic diversion.
  • Set the expectations for planned work as low as you can. A well-planned job will completely destroy your efforts to wreck the maintenance program. We do not want job plans that contain detailed descriptions of the job, good estimates, clear instructions, drawings, digital photos, accurate parts lists and scheduled tasks. Encourage everyone to pencil-whip his or her plans, and just give a crude description of the job. A rotten, useless plan is even better than no plan at all, as it undermines the program, and makes people mad. You want that, right?

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The Dirty Dozen Tip #6: Kill Off the Training Program & Other Excuses to Go to Florida

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