As maintenance professionals, you interact with other departments and personnel who depend on you to keep their equipment and processes in good condition. If you ignore them, they are helpless, and it can be really funny to observe them jumping around in frustration when they get nothing from you. They may treat you like a servant, but you do have some power over them.

There are many ways to ignore the needs of your customers, but here are a few gems:

  • When you get a call for help because some equipment failed, drink one more cup of coffee before you amble down to assess the situation. It’s not like they can call someone else, right?
  • When you work on equipment, don’t waste your time communicating that the job is done. If you do, all you are going to get is a bunch of questions, somebody checking your work, and they’ll probably ask you to stick around to assist with startup. No thanks. Fix it fast, and then beat it back to the shop.
  • Stay off the floor as much as you can. Someone will call you when they need help. Otherwise, stay out of sight, and keep your head down.
  • It’s best to avoid learning at all times. If you gain new skills, the next thing you know, people will expect you to use them. Pretty soon, they will be bothering you constantly. In fact, it’s a good idea to pretend you know even less than you do. That way, if you get a request to help, you can just say, “Sorry, I don’t know much about this. Maybe someone else would be a better choice.” It is a masterpiece if the whole department can do this in unison, so nothing can get done.

Tune in next week as we continue to expose the secret lives of seriously disturbed maintenance “professionals” with…

The Dirty Dozen Tip #5: Don’t Plan Anything, or Make Rotten, Useless Plans

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