Pretending to be a supporter of good maintenance practices is an excellent way to wreck your maintenance organization. If you can master the art of appearing to be an honest team member while tearing down the program behind the scenes, you can stealthily avoid confrontation.

Some handy examples to get you started:

  • A maintenance manager says he supports planned and scheduled work, but fails to defend the process. Instead, he happily supports breaking the schedule and doing unplanned work so he can gain points with the operations managers, who do not understand proactive methods.
  • A maintenance technician is fully trained to use modern laser alignment equipment, but when no one is looking, he aligns a coupling by eye to save time.
  • A maintenance supervisor supports proactive strategies in the Maintenance Improvement meetings, but afterwards criticizes the program to his crew, telling them that it will go away if they just ignore it.

Seek out the other Pretenders in your organization, as you will find strength in numbers. If you can assemble a strong core group of Pretenders, it is possible to engineer the dazzling derailment of all efforts to increase reliability.

Tune in next week as we continue to expose the secret lives of seriously disturbed maintenance “professionals” with…

The Dirty Dozen Tip #3: Keep Maintenance Successes a Secret

Thank you for joining us for a little fun with reactive maintenance mayhem. All kidding aside, we are proud to share our proven SystemRxMTM program with you. Using our proprietary SmartSequencingTM algorithm, your high performance maintenance program will come together in record time.

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