In order to remain in control of your destiny as a total tyrant, you must never allow yourself to be associated with any error. Even if you make a mistake, however unlikely, always have a backup plan to dump the blame on another person. Ideally, you should select someone you don’t like, or someone who can be easily discredited.

For example, you decide to have the maintenance technicians work dayshift only, and leave the plant without maintenance coverage for 16 hours per day. Even though you are dealing with massive amounts of emergency work due to your reactive culture, you persist in the belief that your plan will work. Upon implementation of this plan, you immediately shut down the facility, bringing it to its knees due to rampant equipment failures. Rather than being held accountable for this disaster, you kick your backup plan into gear.

You point your finger at your boss, and say, “Barney said it was a good idea. That crazy guy! I told him we would go down smoking, but he wouldn’t listen. I had to do what he said, but I am standing my ground now, and I am willing to take the reins. Barney, you are a fraud, and you must be dealt with harshly!” BINGO! You are the boss, and the power goes right to your head like a carnival ride. You wrecked the program, you wrecked someone’s career, AND you got a raise. If you can do this on a Friday, you even get a weekend of rest before you return on Monday to continue wrecking the program.

Tune in next week as we continue to expose the secret lives of seriously disturbed maintenance “professionals” with…

The Dirty Dozen Tip #11: Put Your Fingers in Your Ears if You Are Given Feedback

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